Reijou wa Mattari wo Goshomou: V3C5 Part3

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“……Grey-sama, Orphias-sama. Thank you very much for coming over. However, why was Orphias-sama here?” (she’s wondering why Orphias suddenly appeared tgt with grey)

I made a deep bow and asked.

“Ah…. That–!”

As soon as Grey-sama turned backward to respond to me, he was lost for words.

“Whatever may be the problem?” (Rhonya)

“Beautiful…” and so Orphias-sama blurted.

He walked towards me and stood still in front of me, gently took my right hand and kissed the palm of my hand.

“Just as the image of a blue rose… Superbly beautiful. Just being able to take a glimpse of your appearance tonight is a blessing for me”

Orphias-sama’s smiled and his eyes sparkled with passion.


I guess he’s praising me about the traditional Genie outfit. But I felt that it was a little too exaggerated.

Suppressing my flushed cheeks, ‘Thank you very much, Orphias-sama’ I said my gratitude.

“May I inquire how Orphias-sama had come over as well?”

Orphias-sama looked towards Grey-sama. Even after repeating my question once again, Grey-sama was still rock stiff.

“Get the heck away from her!! You!!” Ryuse-san’s angry shout reverberated. And together with a plunge of his claws towards Orphias-sama which he dodged.


It seems the prisoners were all under control, and Ryuse-san rushed here. I could see the Genie soldiers dragging away the unconscious prisoners.

“Why you say… Have you not heard any news from the DemiMercSquad? …… I have been attempting to seal that demon and requested of the Mage, Greytia’s strength to do so… However I let him run away. Forgive me, Rhonya”

The still stiff Grey-sama made a light bow while Orphias-sama lowered his head.

I shook my head to the sides in a fluster.

“No, please, do not apologize. Both of you had did the best that you could have. Thank you very much for your effort. To think that I have caused you trouble of attempting to seal the demon when you should have been busy enough…”

Grey-sama is the best mage of the kingdom. A person indispensable at the castle. Whereas Orphias-sama is responsible for guarding the Galatia Kingdom. Both of them wouldn’t be free to loiter around chasing after a demon.

“Leave the gratitude for after we successfully sealed the demon.”

“Please wait for a moment, Orphias-sama. If perhaps you were chasing after Belzetta for my sake, I would like you to cut short your chase.”


“I am sure both Orphias-sama and Grery-sama is very busy. I do not wish to trouble you both to use up your time to chase after Belzetta.”



Orphias-sama and Grey-sama looked towards each other.

The stiffened Grey-sama finally spoke out.

“However, it wouldn’t be wise to leave the demon targeting you loitering at who knows where”

“If perhaps Belzetta does appear before me again, I would call upon you with this gem. Just coming over for me when the time comes would be enough”

I moved towards Grey-sama and showed the gem on top of the palm of my hands.


“I do hope Grey-sama I wouldn’t bother you when the time comes”

I would feel troubled if I called upon him when he is in the middle of his work, and so I said with a bitter smile.

Just then, Grey-sama’s hands which was covered by his gloves were placed on top of mine.

“I will definitely rush to your side at any time. Definitely”


Grey-sama who is usually expressionless said so with a somewhat passionately burning eyes.


Ryuse-san hissed at Grey-sama and grabbed my shoulder, separating me away from Grey-sama.

His fluffy tail wrapped around my waist.

“Oh, right. I should apologize to King Sieghart… To have caused this trouble due to my presence, please pardon my leave to apologize to him”

“Let me join you to greet him”

“And I too have to greet him”

Just as the three of us started to move, I was suddenly hugged up. Ryuse-san carried me up with no effort.

“Then I’ll carry you there. Ojou, grab me tight”

As he put strength to hold me tightly, Ryuse-san dashed swiftly. He dashed upward from the wall and we reached the upper floor. What strength and speed.

For unknown reason, Ryuse-san looked downward and put out his tongue.

“Oooh! You are unscathed! Rhonya! And Ryuse too!”

“King Sieghart. I have to apologize to you. The mastermind behind the escapees is none other than the Demon Belzetta who is targeting after me. Due to my presence here, I have caused the appearance of the demon. Please forgive me”

I knelt down and lowered my head.

“Ojou doesn’t have to apologize though? The demon did it by himself right” Ryuse-san grabbed my arm and urged me to stand. But I continued kneeling down with my head lowered.

“A demon appeared you say!? Did you call for Grey?! Why isn’t a barrier casted over the castle?! Imbeciles!” Hearing that a demon appeared, Orphedot immediately contempt King Sieghart.

“My apologies” King Sieghart unexpectedly looked regretful.

“The fault lies at Sieghart who did not cast up an anti-demon barrier over the castle. Rhonya, you are not at fault. Stand”

“Eh, but- it all happened due me and the demon-“

“Rhonya is not at fault” Orphedot who folded his hands stubbornly stated and interrupted my sentence.

“True. The fault lies at me who was not prepared for the circumstance. Please stand, Rhonya”

If even King Sieghart said so, I had no choice but to stand up while Ryuse-san supported my arm.

“O’ Rhonya, please forgive me” To have made King Sieghart apologize shook me up.

“T-that’s not true. Please do not apologize, King Sieghart”

Ryuse-san laughed at me looking all flustered, “This is rare—“

“I-, I-, I will be going to heal the other Genie soldiers who got injured”

“We have enough hands around for that. Rhonya is my guest here. There is no need for you to do so”

I tried offering my help to make up for it, but even that was rejected.

As I tried asking if there was anything else I could do, Grey-sama and Orphias-sama arrived.

They talked of their sudden visit, and gave their apologies and greetings.

Ryuu quickly ran over to me and hugged me over the waist.

“I’m so sorry to have made you frightened, Ryuu.”

“She looks fine to me though? Right, Ryuu?” Ryuse-san who saw me patting Ryuu’s head followed suit and patted Ryuu’s head with his fluffy hand. But Ryuu immediately showed hostility and hissed at him, “Fushaaaa!!” (fushaaa and shaaa is usually the sfx for hissing in jp)

Paying no mind to her, Ryuuse-san continued messing up Ryuu’s hair.

The angry Ryuu pouted and kicked him.

“That hurts-, you chibi!!”

“What!! You flirt!” (Ryuu)

Wow, Ryuu is bickering with him.


As I left the room without bothering them, I looked down to view the blue rose garden. I saw that the hedge of the arch and the arch itself was broken here and there, and I jumped down to at least take a look to restore it.

This time for sure, I thought to land safely with my wind magic but once again the jet black lion swiftly rushed towards me and landed me safely onto the ground with his fluffiness.

“T-thank you very much”

Shize-san did not say anything and just looked towards me.

I gave a bow to him, I casted nature magic* to manipulate the thorns to entangle the arch to repair it. While taking a whiff of the fragrant scent of roses, I continued repairing the places which were broken.

The sky turned dark, and the lighting on all four sides of the garden started dimly lighting up the blue rose garden and gave off a mysterious air.

The Kingdom of Aladdin clad in the night sky gave off a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

As I continued repairing from the edge of the garden, I coincidentally found the figure of a blue wolf Chise-san by the center of the garden.

He was leaning on the arch, and looking up towards the night sky.

“Is there anything the matter? Chise-san” I talked to him, and Chise-san finally realized my presence.

“Ha? Not really” He leered his gaze over to me, and once again looked back up to the sky while letting out a sigh

“…Do you remember? That time about what we talk, right, that-, um… The one about finding a destined partner”

“Yes, I remember well”

Chise-san would find that one person, and obtain her. Or so he said.

“…The so called red thread, if only it really exists, ya know”

“Perhaps are you talking about ‘the red string of fate’?”

“yeah yeah” and so Chise-san replied and held out his hand to take off the flower petal which was stuck on my hair.

Without my realization, there were several rose petals on me.

“If it’s true then, those people in love with each other know, right? Without having to go through loving someone who’s not meant for you and just pour everything to that one person in the whole world then” Chise-san moved his gaze to the blue roses.

A petal on his sight flew off as the wind blew away. My eyes followed that petal while holding back my braided hair which was fluttering from the wind.

“That might be so…” I thought. It would be great if that’s how the structure of the world.

A predestined partner, and to only need to love that one person. If that’s the structure, then I wouldn’t have needed to love Schneider.

If that’s the structure of the world, I wouldn’t have to experience the pain of being parted away from him.

“If only the concept of being hearth broken does not exists as well”


Schneider’s heart pulled further away from me- I could only bring out a miserable smile after reminiscing the pain of having to accept that fact.

“That if the person we have to love and be loved, and knowing who that is would be great”

“….Yeah, exactly right” Chise-san blurt out while in a daze, looking up to the night sky.

“Where’s my fated one then” (chise)

“Unexpectedly she might be closer than you think” (Rhonya)

“I don’t mind even if she’s far, I’ll definitely find her” Chise-san grinned. What he said was so like him, and I could only laugh about it.


I’m sure Chise-san will passionately chase after that person. Which made me all the more want to look over him like that.

“Why, aren’t you having an interesting topic there” King Sieghart appeared.

Chise-san bluntly blurted out, “Geh” with a dejected face.

Either he didn’t expect to be overheard, or his embarrassment came in play, he quickly ran away.

King Sieghart being unfazed on his attitude laughed while seeing him away “Kahaha!”

“I felt there wasn’t enough happiness from you” King Sieghart said to me, as he leaned on where Chise-san just was.

“You were wafting out happiness when you were with Schneider, but when he isn’t, I couldn’t feel happiness from within you. Especially when you’re around your family. But I thought, it will eventually change after you get married. I believed you could have grasped a happy family. How much it saddened me that it couldn’t be realized… My heart felt as if it was ripped apart” (sieghart)

He looked at me with a serioud face, and patted my head with his big hand.

With the power of the Genie, I could feel that happiness was spreading within my heart.

I smiled happily as I took King Sieghart’s hand, and brought it down from my head.

“I was happy. The days with Schneider, it was a happy dream…”

I reminisced. About the days where I was filled with happiness that King Sieghart mentioned.

It was a transient dream.

I released King Sieghart’s hand, just as how I released Schneider’s back then and left him.

“And I am happy too right now” I made a bright smile


Having my own shop and living my days relaxingly. Being able to make friends I could fully trust, and meeting with people who I could have relaxing days together with.

With the spirits and fairies which supports me, and even a senior I could lean on.

I have so many reliable people on my side.

“I am blessed with so many. Hence I am fine, King Sieghart”

“Umu. I smell happiness from you. Kahaha!” King Sieghart laughed heartily as usual.

“Well, I could bring you even more happiness. How about getting married to me?”

“You jest…”

“Kahaha! I was rejected! How regretful” Since King Sieghart was laughing about it, I followed and laughed as well.

Just then, Orphias-sama arrived.

“King Sieghart, I shall take my leave then”

“O’ Orphias. Come whenever”

After Orphias-sama gave a bow to King Sieghart, he moved towards me.



“I shall pay visits to the shop to make sure the demon does not get a leeway. I’ll see you again soon”

“Thank you very much, however—“

I thought to decline the kind offer as it will trouble him, but Orphias-sama covered my lips with his pointing finger before I could continue.

“I shall meet you again tomorrow, Rhonya” Orphias-sama conveyed with a beautiful smile on his face, and disappeared after being wrapped within the light of the magic circle.

I absentmindedly covered my lips which he just touched.

“Kahaha! That Orphias is so aggressive.” King Sieghart laughed once again.


Only now I felt that my cheeks were getting hot. To cool it down, I fanned my face with both my hands.

“….Then I shall return as well” said Grey-sama who arrived together with Orphedot.


“I too will take my leave” (Orphedot)

“Ou. Mage Greytia, Orphedot. I await your next visit”

“Well then” Orphedot lightly bid his farewell and Grey-sama went down on one of his knee.

“….T-that… Rhonya. I couldn’t say it before but, your ourfit today… It’s so beautiful on you”

“Thank you very much, Grey-sama” delighted that I was praised, I answered with a smile.

“……Well, then, I’l see you again. Call me whenever the demon appears before you again” (Grey)

“Alright. I will see you again too, Ori”

“Of course. I shall see you again, Rhonya”


It seems that Grey-sama would be sending Orphedot back to the forest as they both disappeared together through the magic circle

“We shall take our leave as well, King Sieghart. I apologize to have caused trouble that had disturbed the banquet”

“No no, that was my fault, I say. You don’t have to apologize. I will prepare another banquet soon and we could do it again, right, Shize and the others?”

King SIeghart’s gaze moved behind me which in turn made me look around. The DemiMercSquad and Ryuu were there.

Ryuu quickly ran towards me, and once again wrapped herself around my knee. (cos she’s short)

“I’ll come if you’re making it grander” Ryuse-san with his hands folded behind his head had a big grin as he said so.

“I shall oblige” laughed King Sieghart

“It was a great banquet” Shize-san shortly conveyed.

“Umu. Do come again”

King SIeghart sent us off with a big smile on his face,

And so we left the Kingdom of Aladdin.


(*nature magic : the kanji used was 緑の魔法 literally green magic, but sometimes can also mean nature magic/ magic related to greenery/nature/greens)

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