Reijou wa Mattari wo Goshomou: V3C5 Part 2

tl;dr : If you think I’m too slow/unfit. One can go ahead and take over the translation ^^ it’s ok, no worries. just send me a notif.

Long story :
“YESS A SHORT HOLIDAY” and I was in the mood so, here you gooo~

I see many comments / hate/love towards me and the series due to my inactivity and have to remind fellow beloved readers again that this is pretty much a hobby for sharing mofumofu, so no pressure on me. This isn’t a job or a responsibility that you can just push to someone. Since I know most of these kind of translations are given by people who have the heart to do so.

Nevertheless, i have a life going on and yada yada mada mada~

But that doesn’t make a reason for you to hate the series. And the author’s not making any money with you guys getting all these free reads and stuff. So why are you the one complaining? O_O

By no means am I not allowing others to take over if they want to or if it’s suddenly shot by another, it’s not in my control :3 Let’s just go with the flow. Even I have time where I just don’t feel like having mofu. (And i ran towards reading tragedy o3o)

Welp, without further ado. ALE!



The moment I thought something fluffy covered my head, it was the white cheetah Ryuse-san.

Sez frowned as he saw what happened.

“Ryuse. Don’t tell me you’re drunk already?”

“Am not—“ as he talked back, Ryuse-san tightly squeezed me.

While saying he wasn’t drunk, normally he wouldn’t do such a thing… I believe… Wait, I wonder?

It felt to me that he would try any means to get to embrace me.

“You having fun? Ojou”

“Yes. Are you having fun as well, Ryuse-san?”

His fluffy cheeks brushed against me.

The fluffiness was great and all, but thinking about being hugged from behind and face-rubbed by an opposite sex does make one blush.

“Ojou, you remember? The time when you hugged me and moffed* a lot” (*as in mofumofu-ing)

His whispering tone went directly into my ear, which made me reminiscent the incident days before.

After being told that I could moff Ryuse-san as much as I like, I pinned him down and did as said.

Although snuggling together is a sign of closeness for the Demis, and thinking back on how I did it with all my might made me embarrassed nevertheless.

“Ojou! So cuteee!”

As he saw the heat rising to my cheeks, Ryuse-san made fun of it.


Ryuse-san is such a tease today.


Once again he whispered into my ear. It felt as if he used a different tone than usual, which made me react and look behind.

There, I saw a pair of small hands which pushed away Ryuse-san’s face. It was Ryuu.

“Da-mn- this chibi! What the heck!” (chibi = small)

As his face was being pushed away, Ryuse-san moved away from me. In exchange, Ryuu came clinging onto me.

Ryuu then looked towards Ryuse-san and puffed a breath.


Ara? Does this imply that Ryuu and Ryuse-san is getting along well?

Ryuu wouldn’t even get close to Ryuse-san before, but she’s willing to touch him on her own was a surprise.

“Oh right. O’ Rhonya! Do show us a Sword dance!” King Sieghart suddenly brought up a suggestion.


Sword Dance- I once performed it in a national event once a year ago.

The purpose of being directly taught swordsmanship by Orphias-sama was for practice for this dance.

“That was truly a magnificent sight to behold! I would like to see it once again!”

“A Sword Dance. I would love to experience seeing it as well” Orphedot too was incited by King Sieghart’s words.

“It would be an honor, however as quite some time had passed since… Not that I had forgotten the dance, but I might not be able to perfect it as before”

I gently try to reject while putting up a smile.

The dance that I once performed before was performed after meticulous practice. Whilst it had been a while ever since I held a sword. By no means was I able to perform it as well as back when King Sieghart saw it.

“No need for perfection! Do enjoy dancing it to your heart’s content as part of the banquet’s entertainment.” King Sieghart said.

Even if you tell me to enjoy it… I would still be nervous about it…

While contemplating about it, Jasmine-san who was diagonally behind me held out a thin bladed sword on her hands while on her knee.

What swift preparations.

I had no choice but to accept the sword and moved away from Ryuu.

At the same time, King Sieghart made a signal for the dancers to retreat.

I moved to the position where the dancers were just moments ago, and looked to the direction where the Demis were.

“Wooo. Rhonya-tenchou’s holding a sword” As everyone’s attention turned focus to me, Chise-san said so.

Trying to calm down the nervousness within me, I implore myself to just focus on enjoying the dance.

As I lightly swung around the sword I haven’t held in a while, I ascertain its weight.

Allright. And since I can easily move in the traditional outfit I was made to wear, I should be fine.

“Well then, please allow me to begin”

After a bow towards King Sieghart. I started dancing.

Swinging the sword around, cutting through the air.

Together with my movements, the outfit’s accessories followed suit and made clinging sounds.

Stretching out my right arm, I once again swung the sword.

As if exchanging blows with another, I crouched my body, jumped to the air, made a somersault and swung the sword again.

With each movement, the jewels I adorned reflected light and shone brightly.

Amidst the silent hall, only the sound of the sword cutting through air could be heard.

As I continue dancing without hesitation, lastly I held up the sword for the ending.

After a moment of silence, applause reverberated through the hall. And I could even hear words of praises.

I felt more accomplished than the time I previously did it, and it felt very fun too.

I embarrassingly smiled, and made a bow towards where everyone was.


2 Tatakau sugata (One’s Figure during a Fight)

As I took a break after the dance, Chise-san took the sword and brought it over to my side.

I somehow felt a blazing passion in his eyes, and that moment when he opened his mouth

“King Sieghart! Urgent news!  Some prisoners had escaped!!”

An injured male Genie suddenly rammed into the hall and reported.

It took no time for the DemiMercSquad members to rise up.

The banquet was on hold.

I quickly ran over to the injured Genie and casted recovery magic, but before I could, my hand was grabbed and stopped by Chise-san.

Some men looking like the said prisoners came into the hall one after another. Amidst them, were some of the men who trashed my shop back in the afternoon.

How did they appear here when they should have been imprisoned.

While thinking about such things, the guard around King Sieghart was further tightened.

I quickly ran over to Ryuu, grabbed her hand and moved towards King Sieghart and Orphedot.

“Ori-, please take care of Ryuu”

“Oh? Is Rhonya joining on the fight? Shouldn’t it be fine to let Shize and the others handle this?” Orphedot who had no sense of danger took Ryuu’s hand and said.

“No, I shall fight too!”

As I turned around, a roar reverberated simultaneously.

The air turned tense from the jet black lion Shize-san’s roar.

There, the fight between the prisoners and DemiMercSquad together with Shize-san had started.

“King Sieghart. How many prisoners were there that escaped?”

“At the very least, fifty of them”

An amount more than the DemiMercSquad could handle. Of course the Genie’s army were participating in the fight as well, but I could not just stay silent.

Casting wind magic over the guards protecting King Sieghart, I jumped over and joined in the fight.

Thinking that these prisoners should be unarmed by the amount of time they had from escaping, to know that most of them were fully armed. It still doesn’t add up even if they stole it from the soldiers.

Avoiding the slash of sword, I hit the opponent with the edge of the hilt.

Gradually as I hit more of them unconscious, before I could notice, I was moved out of the room. Behind me was the blue garden, and four armed prisoners were standing before me. (remember the hall was an open space above the garden)

I jumped down towards the garden without hesitation. The height doesn’t pose any problems with wind magic on my side.

Pointing my sword towards the enemies, I retreated back and stumble over the fence (down to the garden. As in she free-fall down to the garden). As I felt the sensation of falling in the air, the jet black lion who chased after me caught me and we landed safely.

“Don’t act too rashly”

“Th-thank you very much”

Held within the strong arms of Shize-san, I felt my cheeks flushing with heat.

“Stay down and just observe”


Puff, as the jet black lion’s paw patted my head, I could only nod in response.

I soon realized the blue garden was surrounded by several prisoners, and the DemiMercSquad were fighting them off.

Although they are well known to have the strength to rip apart a human, they did not.

They would use their claws to fend off swords, and use their fists to punch the opponent unconscious.

The blue rose petals scattered as they were harshly stomped by the prisoners.

Shize-san and the others held down the prisoners one after another.

I’m sure this was how the protected the town of Domskhasa.

I could only watch their gallant figures in fascination.

Their swiftness, tough and manly figures.

“Rhonya! Behind you!” Shize-san’s sharp voice shouted to me.

I reflectively looked towards my back and swung my sword upward.

It was out of my expectation that this person was here.

“So closeee! Just a little more!” So said the demon Belzetta with a big grin on his face.

Belzetta wore an appearance of a long haired man with black robe. His reddish-grey eyes and a pair of horns.

The existence of his ominous magic power which I could not sense until now swirled around him.

He was the one who helped the prisoners for sure.

I could only grind my teeth thinking how off guard I was. Since the Kingdown of Genies where happiness wafted around humans were definitely not a demon’s favorite.

Demons prefer humans who are easily swayed by negative emotions. In the other hand, Genies who have gentle personalities and are hardly swayed by negative emotions makes it hard for a demon to manipulate.

Thus normally a demon would not appear in this kingdom, and the castle did not have an anti-demon barrier raised either.

“Good evening, my beloved angel” Belzetta made an ominous grin.

“Demon Belzetta…” I stared at him with an stern face.”

“It is dirty of you to use this trick”

“I’m a demon alright~ Ain’t my problem I have some tricks up my sleeves. And I don’t have much time now”

Belzetta is concerned about time for some reason. Why is he in such a rush.

“And the beasts (pointing to the demimersquad) seems to be busy right now too? Nothing better than a direct showdown now!”

Hearing Belzetta’s words, the DemiMercSquad immediately rushed to my side.


“Damn you demon!”

Ryuse-san and the others who had their hands full with the prisoners shouted, where Belzetta put out his tongue and teased them.

“Keep barking, you beasts!”

Truthfully, the DemiMercSquad had their hands full with just the prisoners as the enemies manipulated by Belzetta were too many.

“Well now, my lovely dressed angel. Today is the day you will fall to my side!” (to darkness side)


Targeted straight at me, Belzetta rushed over.

I quickly took out the amethyst in my pocket, and pointed it towards Belzetta.


In that moment, Belzetta’s movements stopped.

As soon as he realized what this was, his expression changed.

I poured magic power into the amethyst, and a signal was sent to the other amethyst.

It was pretty much the same as a summoning.

The ellipse shaped amethyst was imbued with a pairing magic.

When twisted, the gem will flash, heat up or guide the other pair of gem to my position.

“Wha- wait! Time out! Time out! Not now!”

Belzetta turned pale and flustered, but it was too late.

In front of me, a blinding white magic circle appeared. From within, a young man of purple long hair appeared- The Mage, Greytia Amethyst.

He asked of me to bring along the amethyst gem with me for this.

Since Belzetta is a well versed with breaking seals, he would just break away from the seal I casted under than two weeks. But with Grey-sama, he could be properly sealed away.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just Grey-sama alone who appeared from the magic circle.

An elf with shining long blue hair and eyes like the sparkling stars, Orphias-sama unsheathed his sword which is a national treasure.

Grey-sama immediately starting chanting the sealing magic.

To seal off Belzetta’s movements, Orphias-sama shortened the distance between them and swung his sword. But the sword only cut through a black smoke.

“Khh…. He got away again”

Sheathing back his sword, Orphias-sama made a regretful expression.

“…Tsk” Grey-sama who stopped his chants midway too looked regretful.

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